History of the Burratarians


In the beginning there were two guys named Leo Hoyt and Max Lobbe having their normal pass-time drink in the .Greensborough Hotel. A decision was made that their playing days were coming to an end and there was a need for a past players group to be formed to keep everyone together. And so the Burratarians were formed.
The aim of this group was to run functions to raise funds to help the club acquire items they may not be able to afford.
The Burratarians have run fetes, raffles, annual shopping trips, dinners, winery trips and many other functions including our annual weekend away.
Since our beginnings we have been able to help in many ways contributing towards paying of the pavilion, extra fittings for the canteen, helping towards payment of the backnet, supplying a batting cage and contributing towards the extension of the clubrooms.
The first meeting of the Past Players (The Burratarians) was held at G.B.C Clubrooms in 1982 present were Max Lobbe, Leo Hoyt,
Peter Wallace, Deidre Lobb ,Bill Byron, Ron Daisley, Ralph Edwards, Harold Connell, Terry Mason, Ken Thomas, John Goller
And Lynn Lobb. The meeting immediately set an agenda for a support group unrivalled in any other baseball club.
A raffle was organised and also a past players lunch. A bank account was opened to hold the anticipated income.
Through the efforts of Max & Leo an organisation was created, nurtured and institutionalised that has brought a depth to our club that  is still going strong.
The Burratarians welcome anyone who would like to be part of our group and attended our functions.